The Best Toy in the World

Kong is the most ingenious puppy toy maker in the world. Their toys are astounding for two reasons:

1. They are amazingly simple

2. They are universal in their use.

Most inventions nowadays are super specialized. There are machines that can be used to cut vegetables into ribbons for salads.  Aerators that do something to wine. Grills that make George Foreman a rich man.

Whatever happened to the art of making simpler devices like the wheel? You can put it in a car. You can use it to spin yarn. A child can hit it with a stick and take pleasure in the simple joy of watching it go round and round.

It is a simple device that has a number of uses. So does the Kong.

The Kong toy can be filled with kibble, peanut butter, bananas and yogurt — a dish that can keep your puppy occupied for hours  at an end.  Because it is made of rubber, and has a unique conical shape, it also bounces in unpredictable ways upon hitting the ground. This can make the puppy break, reverse and change direction time and again, making the Kong the most perfect fetch toy in the world.

We have another Kong toy that our dog Sadie has played with for six months. In classic Kong tradition, this toy has another use — in this case,  a hidden squeak. Sadie has strong teeth. Neighboring blacksmiths frequently call upon her to shape iron. It is incredible that she hadn’t discovered this squeak till today. And it was charming to see her reaction when she heard this unexpected sound emanating from her favorite toy.



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