Social Networking Thriller Antisocial Out in December

Social Networking Thriller Antisocial Out in December

My new novel Antisocial published by Harper Black will be out in December. It is already available in e-book format on Amazon.

The book’s about an Indian marketing professional who exploits the privacy loopholes on the world’s largest social network to commit a series of crimes in New York.

Here’s the blurb:

It is a cool summer evening in New York and Arjun Clarkson, a bright young ad agency executive, is having a drink with his ex-colleague, Emily Hayes. For years, Arjun has suffered due to his miserable childhood in an Indian orphanage, his low-caste birth and the pointed cruelty of an abusive foster mother. Unaware of his past, Emily triggers a disturbing memory and Arjun ends up killing her.

Arjun comes up with a clever plan to escape the police. He begins to exploit the loopholes of the virtual world to wreak vengeance on people who have injured him – or are plain strangers. Soon, he unleashes a chain of events that change the people of New York and the world of social networking forever. A compulsive page-turner, Antisocial will make you pause before your next check-in, like or share.

Here’s the cover. It’s an excellent cover. I hope you judge the book by it.



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