About Arun Krishnan

I am a marketing/communications professional with over fifteen years of work experience. My writing has appeared in publications like the Guardian, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Advertising Age and Jordan Business Magazine.

Writing Samples

Politics, Society and Religion


What the Merriam Ibrahim Case Can Tell Us About the State of Islam {The Guardian}

What the West Can Do if It’s Really Serious About Middle East Peace {The Huffington Post}

A Template of Hope {Submitted by His Royal Highness Prince el Hassan bin Talal to His Holiness Pope Francis}

Jordan’s Oil Shale: Savior or Imposter? {Cover story for Jordan Business Magazine}

The Jubilee Legacy {Jordan Business Magazine}


Press Releases

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal calls for Inter-Regional Cooperation in the Arab World at NATO Defense College

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal Calls for the International Criminal Justice System to Play an Active Role in Resolving Middle East Conflicts

UNRWA & UNESCO Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Renew Sixty Four Year Old Partnership


Business, Technology and Advertising


How to Use Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business {Jordan Business Magazine}

How Marketers Can reach Mobile Savvy Hispanics {Forbes}

Twitter Marketing: It’s More Like Email Than You Think {Advertising Age}

Jordan’s Path to Silicon Valley {Jordan Business Magazine}

Press Releases

Pontiflex Releases the Industry’s First Ever HTML 5 API for Signup Ads

Survey Finds Nearly Half of Mobile App Users Report Clicking on Mobile Ads by Mistake

Pontiflex Closes $6.25 Million in Series B Funding






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